Data Center

Smartech is best known for planning, designing, constructing, monitoring and maintaining data centers and server rooms that integrate the latest in infrastructure technologies. The result is an always available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, and maintainable data center environment.

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Storage & Archiving

Smartech offers a full range of Systems and Storage Solutions. These range from storage assessments to the design, deployment and support of large, multi-vendor Storage Area Networks (SANs), as well as of Network Area Storage (NAS) and Scale-out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) systems. Our solutions integrate networked storage technologies, storage systems, software and services.

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Virtualization solutions can extend a data center beyond its physical infrastructure, thus helping reduce the hardware and power costs, centralize systems, improve hardware utilization and maximize available resources.

We provide the following Solutions:

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The question of information security is of paramount importance, and must be addressed proactively rather than reactively, the sooner the better.

Information security threat is a reality that every organization must face and address within the context of its own environment and risk tolerance.

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Network Infrastructure

The downside of Virtualization is evident in the negative impact they have on traditional backup methods, limiting the options for recovery, and significantly increasing the cost of data protection.

Some data protection options for virtual environments lack the necessary tools for the management and protection of data in both virtual and physical environments. They thus fail to provide a comprehensive solution to data protection, fast recovery, optimized storage, network utilization and simplified management.

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M&E Online

11 Reasons to choose M&E Online

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Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution

Our logistics services includes warehouse & goods management and distribution, in addition to other value added services such as assembly, pick and pack, fulfillment, physical inventory, labeling and bar coding

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