Network Infrastructure

The downside of Virtualization is evident in the negative impact they have on traditional backup methods, limiting the options for recovery, and significantly increasing the cost of data protection.

Some data protection options for virtual environments lack the necessary tools for the management and protection of data in both virtual and physical environments. They thus fail to provide a comprehensive solution to data protection, fast recovery, optimized storage, network utilization and simplified management.

We make sure our customers get the best that money can buy. Thus, we provide them with the most modern and advanced hardware (Servers, appliances, network devices, etc.), which would enable them to substantially simplify the deployment, management and support of their IT infrastructure, as well as to enhance both performance and scalability.

Here are some of the benefits our customers report:

  • World-class performance and scalability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Feature rich virtualization and consolidation
  • Reduced management complexity
  • The capacity to utilize many systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise, Windows Server families and applications, VMware and Oracle.

By incorporating tape, disk and advanced de-duplication technology together into a suitable ILM Strategy (Information Lifecycle Management Strategy), we enable data protection to be flexibly aligned to different SLAs.

Our Data protection Solutions include:

  • Enterprise Class Backup Software
  • De-duplication technology
  • Replication technologies
  • Physical tape Library
  • Virtual Tape Library

The end result is a unified solution providing at the same time desktop, remote office and data-center protection for the entire enterprise.

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